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One very vital area where memory is put into optimum use is examinations. In today’s arena of competitions we have to have some extra edge that will help us to win over others. For this we can rely on certain memory principal which can be summarized as ROAST.

R stands for Reintegration. It sometimes happens during studies that we cannot recollect a particular answer though we may have revised it many times. In such cases we again go back to our books go through that particular part and then the answer comes back to our books mind. But if we want that extra edge we can use reintegration. It means that we can remember better if circumstances and surroundings at the time of recalling is similar to that at the time of learning. This means that when we wish to recollect a point we can mentally visualize ourselves in the surroundings where we had learn it. This will help to recollect the forgotten data. 

O Stands for over leaning. This means that we should give up the habit of memorizing a chapter till we have barely memorized it. On the contrary we should go on learning the material for some more time (technically 1/3 of the time that we needed to memorize it). This will help in thorough learning and reduce the amount of time taken by each revision.

A stands for acronyms. We can take the help of the technique of acronym to further condense the matter of study so that it becomes easy to retain as well as recollect. For example, we have made an acronym of the tips needed for memory and we are calling it ROAST.

S stands for spaced learning. During examination we are often required to study for very long durations. In such cases we are full of energy for the first two hours and then with each passing hour we feel more and more tired and bored till a time comes when we read just for the sake of reading but nothing gets registered. Is such case we can take the help of spaced learning. According to research a new forgetting cycle starts after every 50 minutes. So if we can manage to give a gap of 10 minutes after every 50 minutes of study we shall feel recharged and refreshed. We will not feel tired and shall be able to study for long durations.

T stands for taking sufficient amount of water. Excess of everything else is harmful for the body except water. Water helps to recharge and refresh our brain. A frequent glass of water makes us alert and can also help to cure the problem of absentmindedness, so students should keep a bottle of this magic potion ready on their tables when they are studying.

If we manage to keep these triggers in mind we shall not need to face exam qualms.

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