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Memory techniques are very basic and easy in application and yat vary effective. However there are certain principles which can be called the ground rules of application of these techniques and they need to be taken care of in order to implement them in a better manner. For this we simply have remember an acronym- IBMC

I – I stands for I or myself. We can only link two piece of information when we manage to associate them with each other. It is the principle of our brain that we remember any new information better if we can link it with ourselves. We will do it consciously. We will imagine information in its visual form and link it with ourselves in the form of conscious association. Our brain will definitely remember it more effectively.

B – B stands for big size. Another important characteristic of our brains is that the bigger the size the better the retention. For example if you wish to remember a black pen it is something small and common and our brain may overlook it. But if you can imagine a pen that is as huge as the shopping mall near your house, there is a little chance that your brain will forget it!

M – M stands for movement. We should always try to apply movement that our brain remembers better. This is because when we talk of movement we apply our senses to it. For example if we talk about a black pen getting broken, won`t we remember it better if we save the pen walking to the edge of table and then jumping down from there?

C – C stands for colors; we should remember that our brain has a fascination for colored objects. That is why we wish to see a colored T.V. instead of a black and white one. Similarly our brain is more attracted towards objects we will take care to see them in vivid colors. This will make their impressions long lasting in the brain. For example, instead of seeing a bus we will see a red bus.
Thus if we take care of these minute details we shall be able to master over a memory that will be the envy of others.   

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