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6 Important English Idioms and Phrases

Above one's head: The lecture went above my head. That is, I could not understand the lecture. In other words, the lecture could not go into my head, but went above it. So if something goes above your head or over your head, it is too difficult compacted for you to understand.
If you do something over someone's head, you do it without consulting him. I was not a party to the decision; it was made over my head.

Wear one's head on one's sleeve: If you wear your heart on your sleeve, you allow your emotion to be seen. Your love for someone becomes apparent. You openly show your deepest emotions rather than keeping them hidden. Remember your history? A Rajput queen would bravely send her husband or son to the battlefield. She did not wear her heart on her sleeve.

Take to one's heels: If you take to your heels, you run away. As soon as I heard that the police was coming, I took on my heels. If somebody is hard on your heels, he is closely following you.

To the hill: A hilt is the handle of a sword. So to the hilt implies including the handle also. That is, the maximum possible. If you support or defend someone to the hilt or up to the hill, you give him all the support that you can. Politicians defend their partymen to the hilt irrespective of whether they are right or wrong.

Get off the hook: If you get off the hook, you manage to get out of a difficult or dangerous situation. If you allow somebody to do so, you get him off the hook or let him off the hook. For those who belong to the ruling party, punishment is a remote possibility. They get off the hook. Even the government agencies allegedly favour them off the hook.

Hook, line and sinker:  Have you ever gone for fishing? Then you would know the meaning of these words. If you carry the three, your fishing equipment is complete, So if you do something hook, line and sinker, you do it entirely or completely, II you are aiming to achieve a goal, you must work at it hook, line and sinker.
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