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Today Words for English Vocabulary: 18-Feb-2016

Hello Friends, Here we are provide you daily English Vocabulary words Tonic. We are sure this will help you in your upcoming exam like Lic AAO and SSC CGL 2016. So read daily three words we provide here. For 17- Feb - 2016 Vocabulary words click on.

Word: EXTIRPATE (verb)
Meaningsearch out and destroy completely.
Root of the word-
Synonymsweed out, destroy, eradicate, stamp out, root out, eliminate, suppress, crush, putdown, put an end t
Antonymsfound, support
UsageThe nation will not progress unless the bugbear of corruption is extirpated completely.

Meaningchange completely in form or nature.
Root of the word-
Synonymstransform, change, mutate, transmute, transfigure, convert, alter, vary, modify, remodel, recast, re
UsageOver the years she has metamorphosed from a gawky looking teenager into a beautiful young woman.

Word: PALMY (adj)
Meaningcomfortable and prosperous
Root of the word-
Synonymshappy, fortunate, glorious, halcyon, golden, flourishing, successful, thriving, rosy, roaring, boomi
UsagePeople were happier during the palmy days of yore because the stress and strain of modern life was unknown to them.
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