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Today English Vocabulary Words

Word: FLAGRANT (adj)

Meaning: very obvious and unashamed

Root of the word-Synonyms: blatant, glaring, obvious, overt, conspicuous

Antonyms: unobtrusive, slight

Usage: The boisterous students were rusticated from the college for indulging in vandalism and flagrant violation of set norms.

Word: WHOLESOME (adj)

Meaning: helping towards good health and physical or moral well-being.

Synonyms: beneficial, healthful, hygienic, salubrious


Usage: Children should be encouraged to eat wholesome snacks rather than junk food.

Word: ZEST (noun)

Meaning: great enthusiasm and energy.

Synonyms: enthusiasm, gusto, relish, avidity, zeal

Antonyms: distaste, aversion

Usage: Despite being aged, he is young at heart and has a great zest for life.

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