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Today words for English Vocabulary: 1-May-2016

Here we provide you English Vocabulary words Tonic for 30-April-2016. We are sure this will help you in your upcoming exams like IBPS and SSC CGL 2016. So read daily three words we provide here.

Word: RUSE (noun)
Meaninga way of doing something or of getting something by deceiving someone.
Root of the word-
Synonymsploy, stratagem, tactic, move, device, scheme, trick, gambit, manocuvre cunning plan.
UsageShe was smart enough to detect the clever ruse of her oppnents.

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Meaningsomething that causes problems and prevents one from achieving one’s aim.
Root of the word-
Synonymsobstacle, hurdle, barrier, bar, hindrance, impediment, handicap, disadvantage, restriction, limitati
Antonymsadvantage, benefit
UsageLack of communication skills was a major stumbling block for him to grow in his career.

Word: TRAPPINGS (pl noun)
Meaningthe possessions clothes, etc. that are opponents connected with a particular job or social position.
Root of the word-
Synonymsaccessories, trimmings, frills, extras, decoration, regalia, frippery, apparatus, accoutrements, app
UsageThe Minister enjoyed all the trappings of power and luxury associated with his position.
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