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Today Words for English Vocabulary: 12-May-2016

Here we are provide you English Vocabulary words Tonic. We are sure this will help you in your upcoming exam like IBPS, SBI Clerk and SSC CGL 2016. So read daily three words we provide here.

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Word: FLAIL (verb)
Meaningswing or cause to swing widely
Root of the wordbased on the Latin word ‘flagellum’ which is a whip-like structure that enables many protozoans and bacteria to swim.
Synonymswave helplessly, thrash about, move erratically, beat about, swing.
UsageI saw this girl slip and fall from that tree, her arms and legs flailing.

Word: CITATION (noun)
Meaninga quotation from or reference to a book or author
Root of the word
Synonymsexcerpt, extract, quotation, illustration, allusion, passage
UsageThe speaker made extensive citations to Ruskin Bond in his speech which showed his admiration for the author.

Word: MORATORIUM (noun)
Meaninga temporary stopping of an activity
Root of the word
Synonymsembargo, ban, prohibition, suspension, postponement, stay, stoppage, halt, freeze, standstill, respi
UsageThe defence ministry has imposed a five year moratorium on the sale and manufacture of nuclear weapons.

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