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Today Words For English Vocabulary: 28-May-2016

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Here we are provide you English Vocabulary words Tonic. We are sure this will help you in your upcoming exam like IBPS, SBI Clerk and SSC CGL 2016. So read daily three words we provide here.
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Word: SMUTTY (adj)
Meaningdirty or sooty
Root of the word
Synonymsvulgar, dirty, rude, filthy, crude, offensive, salacious, coarse, obscene, indecent, lewd, bawdy, im
UsageThe film, which was full of smutty jokes and double entendre dialogues, did not appeal to the discerning audience.

Meaninghappening immediately
Root of the word
Synonymsimmediate, instant, on-the spot, prompt, direct, swift, speedy, rapid, quick, expeditious, express,
Antonymsdelayed, long-term
UsageShe agreed to the proposal instantaneously without any deliberation.

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Word: BREAKNECK (adj)
Meaningvery fast and dangerous
Root of the word
Synonymsextremely fast, high-speed, lightning, whirlwind, rapid, speedy, dangerously fast, reckless, dangero
UsageThe old beggar woman was knocked down by a vehicle coming at breakneck speed, while she was crossing the road.

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