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10 tips and tricks to prepare for entrance exams

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Completion of syllabus is not the mere criteria. You need to have a good understanding of the basic concepts and their application. Mugging up will stress up further and never give you a greater understanding of the matter. Follow these tips to perform better in any entrance exam
1) Do not procrastinate, you might leave topics pending and soon have the date of the exam hanging on your head. Check in advance whether you have all topics and subjects sorted and understood.
2) Problem solving is important and giving lengthy answers will not help. Think smart and write smartly, if a solution takes more than 8 steps to solve, take a deep breath and re-think your approach.
3) You need to make a conscious effort of keeping track of your speed and accuracy to solve the questionnaire.
4) Mock tests and model papers are a must and can be practiced to brush up your skills no matter how many times you have already solved one. Every attempt can make you realise something that you missed earlier.
5) Being innovative and intuitive creates a great balance at solving problems that are not from a course book. Practice does come in handy while solving a questionnaire however common sense should not be dissuaded.
6) Always read the questionnaire with ease and do not rush into answering quickly as nothing ruins matters than being overly eager to finish first.

7) Do not think negatively and try keeping a positive mind and thoughts while you are preparing for the entrance exam.
8) Last few days are to clear the slightest doubts you may have, irrespective of how big or small, you should never enter the exam hall with hesitation on topics that might be the ones you never prepared for and are now a part of the entrance exam.
9) Revision is the key to keep a sound mind, as picking up more topics right in the end days of preparation will only add up to great confusion and lesser outcome.
10) Once you clear your doubts and brush up few pointers you kept as a priority, do not bother your mind with added pressure. A day before the exam, simply relax and leave the stress aside, a positive attitude and a calm mind will surely benefit you to crack the exam.
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