Download NCERT Books – Direct Links, All NCERT Books Download On Single Page

Download NCERT Books – Direct Links
NCERT has been doing an incredible job of updating their website. They have also created mobile apps called ‘epathshala.' However, when(ever) they do this, I have to spend some additional time to build new links to download the books.
Usually, I used to provide NCERT links in different posts. But then one reader suggested that having these links on one page would be easier to update.
Silly me, that I did not think of this myself

NCERT Complete Mathematics Books (Zipped Files)

NCERT Class 6 MathematicsDownload
NCERT Class 7 MathematicsDownload
NCERT Class 8 MathematicsDownload
NCERT Class 9 MathematicsDownload
NCERT Class 10 MathematicsDownload

NCERT Complete Science Books (Zipped Files)

NCERT Class 6 ScienceDownload
NCERT Class 7 ScienceDownload
NCERT Class 8 ScienceDownload
NCERT Class 9 ScienceDownload
NCERT Class 10 ScienceDownload

NCERT Complete Statistics Book (Zipped Files)

NCERT Class 11 StatisticsDownload

Links Not Working?

Please let me know in the comments below if any link is not working and I will update it or do my best to find an alternative.
In case you are in a hurry to download the book, then go the main NCERT link. Choose your book in the drop down menu and download it.