How to become an IAS officer?, IAS Exam Preparation Tips and Strategy, IAS Kaise Banene, In hindi, IAS 2016

How to become an IAS officer?, IAS Exam Preparation Tips and Strategy, IAS Kaise Banene, In hindi, IAS 2016

Civil Service preparation unlike most of the other preparation is not an A to B journey. It needs a lot of pre tuning, research even before you even before you read the first page for it as this examination by UPSC tests various aspects of your credibility and Knowledge. It is not just mere test of knowledge that you have, but a lot others ranging from the way you express to the ability to take decisions.

If you are not able to take coaching in big institutes by any reason but willing to prepare for IAS, I have prepared a list of books by which you can bridge the gap between someone preparing in Delhi.

This book is very effective book for who want to become IAS officer.  I have provide review of various candidates who use this book.

Jhalak Hota:  This book can be great companion like GPS aided mobile phone. It helps you to take your decision. This book can bridge the gap between some one preparing in Delhi to someone in distance remote village in Bihar Odisha or Jhadkhand.
Now coming to the writing, I am not a Hindi reader. I did not have to read Hindi until this book. But the writing style is so beautiful that you became addicted to it, once you pick the book you can not stop at least finishing a chapter.
As written by a civil servant him self , it does not talk about idiotic idioms like "Sure Sort Success" bla bla bla. Rather this book shown the seed of the attitude, thinking skills and persona of what it is needed to be a Civil Servant.
Apart from this book the Audio Guidance that he is giving through his website [...]
must be followed. It is the best material available for free to aspirants.

A.D.Asheesh:  The book has some good ideas like-
1. 2/3rd of the Civil Services paper comes from Newspapers.
2. Never prepare for Prelims instead prepare for Mains from the beginning
3. Prelims is kept only to reduce the number of candidates for Mains. Prelims is not the actual paper.

Amazon Customer:  I am not a Hindi reader. I was squeamish and quite doubtful if I would be able to read the whole of it.
But through this book Dr. Agrawal proves how language is just a tool through which thoughts are expressed.
It is a beautifully written book and Dr. Agrawal's incredible clarity of thought is very much evident throughout. I have spent over 1.5 lakh rupees in coaching and the coaching wala's advice is not even half as genuine and honest as Dr. Agrawal's.
This book is a one-stop solution for all UPSC preparation related qualms. I consider this book sacrosanct for all aspirants.