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CAT Best Coaching Institute and Online Test Series Providers

The Common Admission Test, CAT is a management aptitude test conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) for their business administration programs. The CAT exam stands as a vital prerequisite for admission to more than 100 management institutes across India. Online CAT registration begins by the month of August and the exam is organized in November.

CAT Best Coaching Institute and Online Test Series Providers

When you have decided to join a coaching institute, there are a few vital factors to consider before taking the final decision. With so many CAT coaching institutes available and every institute claiming it is the best, choosing a CAT coaching institute that’s the best fit is always a matter of concern for MBA aspirants. Here are some aspects you need to think about before making a decision, to achieve better results from investing on coaching fees.

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Location and Accessibility

Location is a factor that plays an extremely important role when making a choice regarding the coaching institute one wants to attend. The more time it takes in travelling to and fro from the institute, time is lost for much more important things such as self-study. Just mugging up what a teacher dictates in a class filled with forty other students won’t get you much further in your preparation. With the advent of mobile learning technologies, several edu-tech companies such as Byju’s are providing students with portable learning interfaces based on mobile platforms such as tablets and smart-phones. This helps the student to have the comfort of learning wherever they want and by whichever format that is most comfortable to them.

Amount of Personal Attention  
CAT Personal Attention

Personal attention is something that’s very rare in the modern coaching structure as most of the institutes are more focused on accommodating the largest number of students in one batch to get high returns from the “exam season”. This attitude impacts the students in a negative manner as the tutor in no way possible can give individual attention to a weak student while teaching a batch of sometimes around a hundred students. This causes a lack of interest in the subject in the weak students as those that are slow are usually left behind.
In this field also the modern edu-tech content providers have a got an upper hand over traditional coaching institute as the interface that they teach through is calibrated to suit the personal needs of the individual student that’s handling it. Structured programs are created with basic and advanced modules which are tailored to the speed and understanding of the student.

·        Learning Styles that are Best Suited for You
Most of the traditional coaching institutes out there use the basic platform of a blackboard or whiteboard to teach their students. As research into the learning pattern of people around the world has shown, different students respond to different types of learning styles. Where one student may be comfortable with reading, summarizing and then comprehending piles of written material, some students respond better to learning through watching interactive videos or listening to the course material in a podcast form. Growth in the modern edu-tech scenario has made it possible for companies like Byju’s to provide education to students with varied learning approaches that have already been mentioned before.  

·        CAT Test Series
Every institute conducts test series of mock CATs along with other MBA admission tests like MAT, XAT, SNAP, IIFT, CMAT. It is an aspect that is very important to consider while choosing an institute. More the number of mocks more is the room for improvement in score, strategy, and speed. The number of students is the crucial aspect of the mock tests help you to know your level among other aspirants. Modern edu-tech companies use latest technologies to deliver the best education to future citizens and prepare them for CAT exam. we always update latest CAT syllabus and study material so that the students are always prepared for any surprise. Mostly, institutes own their own forums and websites. Since CAT is now an online exam, it is essential for any coaching institutes to provide their own study material online along with mock test papers and sample question papers.

Faculty of the Institutes
The other factor which cannot be overshadowed is to know how the faculty is, their qualifications and availability. There are different centres with different kind of faculties having similar brand names. Many coaching centres provide demo classes which give you a better idea of the faculty and teaching styles. Edu-tech companies have the resources and the structure to employ high-grade teachers, who have passed out from prestigious institutes and now the art of cracking these competitive examinations. Byju’s classes have selective handpicked teachers along with Mr Byju himself and mentors who use appropriate teaching methodologies to make understanding effective for every student.

These are some of the major factors that a student aspiring to crack CAT should look for while choosing a coaching institute. There are very fewer institutions that understand the problems faced by the candidates who want to prepare for management exam while working or pursuing their graduation. This is where the portability and adaptability of modern edu-tech companies provide a better platform for the preparation of various exams ranging from IIT JEE to IAS exam. Hope these pointers help you out and pave a smooth way for cracking the competitive exam.

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