Important Vocabulary Words for SSC and Bank Exam

Important Vocabulary Words for SSC and Bank Exam, 2016, 2017

1. Agnostic(n)- A person who is not sure whether or not God exist.
2. Alacrity(n)- Enthusiasm
3. Allay(V)- Calm, pacify
4. Alleviate(V)- Mitigate, to make lesson
5. Allude(V)- Refer in an indirect way
6. Altruism(n)- Work for others
7. Ambidextrous(adj.)- Able to use both hands with equal ease
8. Ambivalence(n)- Uncertainty
9. Ameliorate(v)- To improve
10. Amenable(adj.)- Easy to control
11. Amiable(adj.)- Friendly in disposition (outlook)
12. Amicable(adj.)- Friendly in feeling
13. Amnesty(n)- Pardon (to excuse)
14. Amorous(adj.)- Showing sexual desire and love
15. Anomalous(adj.)- Abnormal

16. Apathy(n)- Lack of interest
17. Aplomb(n)- Assurance
18. Apocalyptic(adj.)- Prophety
19. Apocryphal(adj.)- Of questionable authorship or authenticity
20. Apostate(n)- A person who abundance political or religious beliefs
21. Archetype(n)- Ardutype (original)
22. Arduous (adj.)-Stupid
23. Arraign(v)- Change in core(indict)
24. Asinine(adj.)- Stupid
25. Askance(adj.)- Suspicion
26. Bludgeon (n)- Staff (Lathi), a short club with a heavy loaded end
27. Bohemian (n)- A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards
conventional standards of behavior
28. Bonhomie (n)- Amiability, Friendly
29. Bowdlerize (v)- To remove passages considered offensive
30. Brackish (adj.)- Salty
31. Braggadocio (n)- Boast, Ding haakna
32. Cadence (n)- The rise and fall of voice in speaking
33. Callow (adj.)- Young and inexperienced , immature
34. Calumny (n)- False accusation
35. Conard (n)- Deliberately misleading story
36. Candour (n)- Frank and honest speaking. The quality of being frank and honest in
his behaviour
37. Canker (n)- A disease causing sore patches
38. Cantankerous (adj.)- Bad tempered
39. Capacious (adj.)- Spacious
40. Capricious (adj.)- Fickle
41. Captious (adj.)- Fault finding
42. Carapace (n)- Hard outer cell
43. Carousal (n)- A noisy drinking party
44. Cartel (n)- A group of companies in the same business area that form an
45. Castigate (v)- To criticize or punish somebody severely
46. Casuistry (n)- Use of clever argument to deceive people
47. Catechism (n)- Book for religious instruction
48. Canterize (v)- To born with a hot substance
49. Cardinal (adj.)- Very important
50. Consternation (adj.)- A feeling of great surprise, shock & anxiety
51. Construe (v)- To interpret
52. Contiguous(adj.)- Adjoining, adjacent
53. Continence (n)- Continence, self-restraint
54. Contretemps (n)- Squabble
55. Contrite (adj.)- Discord, disagreement
56. Contrived (adj.)- Showing effect of planning or manipulation
57. Contusion (n)- Injury in which the skin is not broken
58. Codici (n)- Addition to will (Vasiyat) by a person

59. Cogent (adj.)- Convincing
60. Cogitate (v)- To think seriously
61. Cognitive (adj.)- The process of learning
62. Cohorts(n)- A band of soldiers, Group of people
63. Colloquial (adj.)- Used in conversation but not formally
64. Collusion (n)- A secret agreement for fraudulent means of purpose, conspiracy
65. Colossus (n)- Extremely large sized
66. Comestible (n)- Eatable, edible
67. Compliance (n)- A punishment for something bad that on has done
68. Commensurate (adj.)- Proportional
69. Commiserate (adj.)- To sympathise with
70. Complacent (adj.)- Too satisfied with oneself
71. Comport (v)- To behave in a particular way
72. Compunction (n)- A feeling of guilt about doing something
73. Concatenate (v)- To link together
74. Concomitant (n)- An accompany condition
75. Complaisant (adj.)- Willing to please
76. Concord (v)-Harmony
77. Condescend (v)- Lower oneself
78. Condone (v)- To forgive
79. Conflagration (n)- A general burning
80. Embroi (v)- To involve in quarrel
81. Emetic (n)- An agent that causes vomiting
82. Emissary (n)- Agent
83. Emollient (n)- Softening or soothing agent
84. Empathize(v)- To relate to another after being through the same experience
85. Empyrean (n)- The highest heaven
86. Enamored (adj.)- In love, captivate
87. Encomium (n)- High praise
88. Endemic (adj.)- Prevalent in or restricted to a particular locality
89. Enervate (v)- To deprive of strength, force, vigour etc.
90. Enigma (n)- A riddle, a puzzle
91. Entreat (v)- Plead, Beseech
92. Enunciate (v)- Speak distinctly, articulate
93. Ephemera (adj.)- Temporary, short lived
94. Epicure (n)- One who enjoys and has a discriminating taste for find food & drink
95. Epistemology (n)- Study the nature of knowledge
96. Epitaph (n)- Inscription in the memory of the dead person
97. Epithet (n)- Descriptive word or a phrase
98. Epitome (n)- Icon, paragon, embodiment
99. Equanimity (n)- Calm and balanced
100. Equivocal (adj.)- Uncertain, doubtful
101. Equivocate (adj.)- To use evasive language (doubtful not clear- evasive)
102. Erudite (adj.)- Scholar minded profound knowledge
103. Ennvi- Bored

104. Fawning (adj.)- Courting, favour by flatter
105. Fecund (adj.)- Productive
106. Felony (n)- A major crime
107. Feral (adj.)- Wild and undomesticated
108. Fervid (adj.)- Impassioned
109. Fetid (adj.)- Wound
110. Fetish (n)- An object with magical powers
111. Fiat (n)- A command
112. Fiduciary (adj.)- Related to a son or daughter
113. Flagellate (v)- To whik
114. Flippant (n)- To take a serious situation lightly or casually
115. Flummox (v)- To confuse
116. Fortuitous (adj.)- Happening by chance
117. Fractious (adj.)- Stubborn
118. Fulminate (v)- To criticize very angrily
119. Furbish (v)- To renovate
120. Furtive (adj.)- Secretive
121. Gargantuan (adj.)- Of tremendous size or volume, memock
122. Gauche (adj.) Lacking social experience
123. Gavel (n)- Hammer light tude
124. Generic (adj.)- Not having a brand name
125. Genuflect (adj.)- To be obedient or respectful
126. Germane (adj.)- Being relevant and appropriate
127. Gingerly (adj.)- Very cautious and carefree
128. Glitch (n)- A minor malfunction or error that causes temporary setback
129. Gluttonous (adj.)- Voracious
130. Gossamer (adj.) Delicate
131. Gourmet (n)- Food lover
132. Gratis (adj. or adv.)- Free of charge
133. Gratuitous (adj.)- Spontaneous
134. Gravid (adj.)- anticipating
135. Grove (v)- To lower oneself to please another
136. Habiliment (adj.)- Press or attire
137. Halcyon (adj.)- Peaceful
138. Hallowed (adj.)- Blessed
139. Harangue (n/v)- A long, angry or forceful speech
140. Harbinger (adj.)- A forerunner
141. Harlequin (adj.)- Vaned in colour
142. Hedonism (n)- The doctrin that please is highest good endorgence sensual
143. Hegamony (n)- Bullying over someone
144. Hermetical (adj.)- Seated or fusion
145. Haitus (n)- A gap or break
146. Hubris (n)- Arrogance
147. Iconoclastic (adj.)- Attacking, cherist traditions
148. Idiosyncratic (adj.)- An unusual traides in a person

149. Incantation (n)- Singing or chanting of magical space
150. Incarcerate (v)- To imprison
151. Inchoate (adj.)- Not fully developed yet
152. Incipient (adj.)- Not fully developed yet
153. Incriminate (v)- To accuse
154. Indelible (adj.)- Impossible to remove
155. Indict (v)- To charge
156. Indigent (adj.)- Poor, destitute
157. Indubitably (adj.)- Beyond a doubt
158. Inebriated (adj.)- A person who has drunk too much alcohol
159. Ineluctable (adj.)- Inevitable that cannot be Stopped
160. Infraction (n)- Violation of law
161. Inimitable (adj.)- Matchless
162. Iniquitous (adj.)- Wrong, wicked
163. Innuendo (n)- Insinuation, suggestion
164. Insidious (adj.)- Cunning
165. Insouciant (adj.)- To take a serious issue in a light manner
166. Levity (n)- Lightness
167. Libertine (n)- Without moral restrained philanderer, playboy
168. Lithe (adj.)- Graceful
169. Loquacious (adj.)- To be sad
170. Lugubrious (adj.) To be sad
171. Macabre (adj.)- Horrible
172. Maelstrom (n)- A situation full of strong emotions or confusing events
173. Malapropism (n)- Ludicrous, Misuse of words
174. Malediction (n)- Curse
175. Martinet (n)- Very strict disciplinarian
176. Masochist (n)- Person who enjoys his own pains
177. Masticate (v)- To chew
178. Maudlin (adj.)- Tearfully sentimental
179. Maunder (v)- Wander
180. Mausoleum (n)- Tomb
181. Maverick (n)- Rebellious
182. Mayhem (n)- Inflict injury
183. Melange (n)- Mixture
184. Mendacious (adj.)- Not truthful, lying
185. Mendicant (n)- Beggar
186. Meretricious (adj.)- Attractive
187. Misanthrope (n)- A person who hates people
188. Modicum (n)- Small amount
189. Mordant (adj.)- Sarcastic
190. Moribund (adj.)- Coming to an end
191. Mortify (v)- Humiliation