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How To Get Into A IIM?

Every year lakhs of aspirants take CAT exam to get into a dreamed IIM, but only thousands of candidates get selected. So today we are analysing how to crack CAT exam and get into a dreamed IIM college to pursue your MBA.

First of all, understand that ALL those who make it to IIMs are NOT: 
(a) Born intelligent, (b) IITians, (c) 90% plus overall in X, XII, and graduation, (d) Even 80% plus overall in X, XII, and graduation, (e) Voracious readers during whole of their life, and (f) Exceptional with calculation or mathematical skills.

There lies the beauty of this exam CAT – the first letter is COMMON. From my experience, I can tell you that, in my batch of 297 students (at that time), there would be at least 80 to 90 students who would NOT fall into any of the categories mentioned above.

Intelligent Vs Average: A most common definition of an intelligent person is - One who can process the data/information fast and solve the questions in a short span of time. An average person is the one who takes more time. So, if I have to define a unit for Intelligence (like m/s for speed), it is going to be - quantity of information processed per minute (or second). 

Keep in your mind - the more information you process per unit time, the more intelligent you will be.

Statistically speaking:
(a) zero marks in CAT is equivalent to 55 percentile. That means almost 55% of total aspirants got zero marks or negative marks. Please NOTE it is primarily because they believed they cannot and won’t get into IIMs since initial days of their preparation.

Would you like MSD to hold the captaincy in the next World Cup Cricket if he says on day one that we are not going to win the World Cup? Apply the same yardstick for yourself too.

(b) The real fight is among a max of 50,000–60,000 aspirants. To get at least ONE IIM call, you need to be in top 11,000–12,000 out of this.

Now the more important part:
So, how they got into IIM: They believed that they are going to make it happen to them. They came out of their mental block and any negative thoughts.

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How to Stay Positive?

(a) Identify your natural strength area - that can be Quantitative or verbal or NONE (still fine). Anyways, DI/LR is more about practice, practice upon quality content, regularly.

(b) Out of 34 questions in QA, look at High-Value Chapters, and start with these.

(c) Get a good book for LRDI, and solve 4–5 sets (i.e., 20 questions every day).

(d) Start reading a good newspaper/non-fiction novel. This will help you in RC. In any case, Para Jumble and CR are quite logical in nature, and you can learn the tactics to solve those questions easily.

(e) Join a coaching institute. If classroom coaching is not possible, join online courses and test series of any national Test Prep company. This will help you in getting into a structured thought process.

The good part is—total types of questions asked at CAT is finite. A question is difficult only if you are seeing, you are seeing it for the first time. If you find a question is difficult even if you are seeing it the second time, ask yourself - Are you honest enough with your preparation?


Last but not the least - if you find yourself average in an area, it means (in most of the cases) that you have NOT done similar questions in your life. It is your time - to go through the concepts and solve the questions - that will take you to higher levels of intelligence.

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