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Tips to Crack CAT Logical Reasoning Section

Being a prerequisite for admissions in the IIMs and other top MBA schools, the CAT is taken by several MBA aspirants every year and is one of the most competitive exams in the country. The exam includes questions from quantitative ability, data interpretation, verbal ability, logical reasoning and reading comprehension. Proper dedication and honest CAT preparation are extremely crucial to be able to ace the exam and secure a seat in any of the prestigious B-school.

Tips to Crack CAT Logical Reasoning Section

Logical reasoning and data interpretation is a separate section in the CAT exam and almost include 32 questions altogether. The questions related to the logical reasoning for CAT is one of the easiest but time taking section in the exam. Download CAT Exam Full Study Material

As logical reasoning does not require learning several formulas and topics, it is relatively easy to prepare this section and score well. So, to help the CAT aspirants prepare this section more efficiently, some of the most important tips are given here.

      Preparation Materials
Collecting quality preparation materials is an initial job before starting with the preparation. Get suggestions or check online to choose the best books for CAT according to personal preferences. One can also download and get verbal study materials and questions online from various websites.

Check the syllabus topics and strategize a proper preparation plan accordingly. It is suggested to give equal importance to all the topics and increase the chances of scoring more in the exam. Also, segregate the topics depending on solving-time and work to increase the speed of solving them. For example, with proper practice, one can easily and quickly solve para jumbles.

      Enhance Vocabulary and Reading Speed
Vocabulary plays an important role in the exam as several questions asked are related to synonyms and antonyms. Also, improving reading speed can not only help in reading comprehension questions but also helps to enhance comprehending speed. So, read newspapers and magazines to develop these areas. You can also follow English Vocab Builder With Tricks to improve your vocab.

      Improve Basic Grammar Skills
CAT candidates need to improve their grammar in order to solve a wide variety of questions in the exam. Questions related to grammar can be both direct (like fill in the blanks) and indirect (para-completion). So, start re-visiting the basics and work on the basic grammar skills.

This is probably the most important tip to master the verbal ability skills. Solve previous year questions and sample papers to know the questions types. Also, take several CAT mock test to get acquainted with the actual exam pattern and timing.

With these tips, preparing for CAT verbal ability section can be more effective and easy. It is always suggested to solve the verbal questions quickly and accurately to be able to save time for reading comprehension and other sections.

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