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Is Self-Study Efficient to crack CAT exam?

Self-preparation or professional guidance – the age-old dilemma.

Whenever a student decides to prepare for CAT exam, the first question is always whether they can ace it on their own or will joining a preparation course be more beneficial? The answer, however, depends on a combination of various factors. Some of these factors are discussed below:
Personal factor:
One of the major factors while making this decision is to evaluate what CAT preparation mode suits your needs? If you feel, covering the entire syllabus on your own and formulating your own strategies is more effective – go for self-study.
However, if you feel your preparation will benefit from a guided and well-regulated approach – join a course. If having lessons explained to you, gives you a better sense of understanding and clarity, don’t hesitate to approach a top CAT preparation institute.

Understanding the concepts:
Before you make a decision regarding your mode of preparation, it is imperative that you first evaluate your level. If you feel your understanding of English and Mathematics concepts is good, proper self-study can benefit you. However, if you feel your English and/or Mathematics skills are average or below average, it is strongly recommended to seek out professional guidance. It is important to gain the necessary level of competence in these areas before you attempt to learn the shortcut techniques required to excel in the CAT exam.

Resources available:
While self-study does benefit a significant number of candidates, it is important to have all the necessary resources to ace the exam. If you can procure all the study materials required for CAT preparation i,e. basic concepts and shortcut techniques, for every individual topic, self-study can be effective.
However, if you have trouble finding well-structured resources, you will be better off joining a professional course to receive proper study materials including sample papers, CAT mock tests and other preparatory materials. But do remember, with the amount of information overflow these days, it’s also easy to find free materials online.

Time factor:
Another significant factor to evaluate in this decision is time. Not just the amount of time you have remaining for the exam or how much time you can spare daily for preparation, but also, how much time does it usually take you to cover any topic on your own vs. time taken to understand a concept taught by a teacher/mentor. Keep in mind, your CAT exam is all about time management – even during your preparations. Keep your daily schedule in mind when you decide your mode of preparation.

Assess these questions objectively, and you’ll find a clear answer. Whatever you decide, make that choice as early as possible to avoid any inefficiencies in your CAT preparation. MBA aspirants preparing for CAT 2018 should to come to a conclusion by this time and chose the mode that best suits them.

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