Why reading newspaper is necessary to clear SSC Exams

News - North! East! West! South!

News is something that is important for the whole life as awareness of what is happening all around is a must. The main source of the news is a newspaper. Newspaper plays a vital role in everybody’s life as it can either make you or break you during the examination. Developing a habit of a reading newspaper should be inculcated in every individual.

As far as the SSC CGL exam is concerned, reading the newspaper on a regular basis will definitely be beneficial in achieving the targets and will help aspirants to come out with flying colours.

When it comes to the newspaper, one of the most commonly asked question is: what to read, when to read, and how to read? So, one can go for the newspaper of his / her choice i.e. The Hindu, Economic Times, Times of India, Indian Express, etc. Devote around 45 – 90 minutes to reading the newspaper every day. Everything that is given in the newspaper is not important for exams. Be careful of what is important from the examination point of view. So, think before reading. Go with the front page, editorial column, business and economy, sports, national and regional news, etc.

Benefits of the reading newspaper for SSC CGL:
       It will increase your vocabulary.
When you will start reading the newspaper on a daily basis, you will come across many words which you might not have heard of.
So, take a note of difficult words in a separate notebook and keep updating yourself. This will make you well–versed with the new words that could be asked in the examination.
It will also help in your descriptive exam as now you can use better words to express your views. Selection of words is more important while writing. So, reading a newspaper will provide you with a platform to understand how the words are being presented in a sentence, thereby enhancing the meaning of what the individual is trying to convey. Thus, it will help in all the tiers of SSC CGL exam. 

       While making a note of the important words, one can also find out the part of the speech of that particular word or how the same word can be used as different parts of speech. Thus, it will also provide you with an example of how the words can be used in a sentence with the help of an adjective/ adverb/preposition. So, now one can use the words easily in an essay or during an interview. So, the newspaper will help you in scoring better and increasing your overall score.

       Reading comprehension is the most important subsection of English. This is considered to be the difficult part and is left out by most of them. So, reading a newspaper regularly will improve your reading skills and comprehension skills as well.
The editorial column on the newspaper will provide you with the different genres of writing. So, one can get 
an in-hand experience of all the areas and so, now one can solve the similar passage in half the time he/she uses to take before. So download Reading Comprehension Prepared From Recent Newspaper Articles and Books

       Reading a newspaper will also improve your grammar. Developing a habit of reading will make you aware of how the tenses and different parts of speech are being used. Sometimes similar sentences with minute changes or sentences in similar context are being asked. While solving questions, it may happen that grammatically correct sentences might sound awkward while reading and grammatically incorrect sentences might sound correct.
So, reading a newspaper will bridge this gap and will help you in differentiating between the right and wrong.

       Apart from English, newspapers also help a lot in the preparation of the General Awareness section. In SSC CGL exam, current affairs of the last 5-6 months are commonly asked. So, continuous reading of newspaper won’t require any extra effort/book for the preparation of current affairs. The newspaper provides the best coverage of all the relevant topics that are asked in examinations.

       SSC CGL Tier III has a descriptive paper wherein one-two topics are given and the aspirants have to present their views on that particular topic. So, reading a newspaper will cover that area as well.
In descriptive exams, mostly the prevailing issues are asked or abstract topics are covered. So, a newspaper will provide you with a platform regarding how to write an essay on various topics. It also provides you with a note of the important points that need to be covered while writing an essay during examinations.

       A newspaper will also help in improving reading skills and the understanding of a particular topic. In SSC CGL Tier – II, usually 40 – 50 questions are asked from reading comprehension and cloze test. So, these subsections are designed in a way to test your reading and comprehension skills. Now one can imagine what difference these 40 – 50 questions brings to the overall score.

Thus, reading a newspaper is a complete package in itself. Now, you don’t have to search for a good magazine. Just go for the standard and the best newspaper. If you start doing it immediately, you will definitely observe the changes in a few days down the line and at the same time, it will increase your confidence level. It will act as a supplement to the complete English section and a lot for the general awareness section as well. It is one of the best ways to get complete awareness in the cheapest way.

So start reading now!

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