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Is the Official Guide enough to clear GMAT?

Often management aspirants are befuddled if consulting the Official Guide to the GMAT exam would be enough to prepare for the challenging test. The straightforward answer to this question is probably NO! (Check here- Best Books for GMAT Exam)Although the GMAT Official Guide(OG) is considered a Bible for all GMAT instructors and prospective applicants. It is imperative to note that the OG gives a proper direction to prepare for the test but does not suffice to be considered as the only guide for complete GMAT exam preparation.
Here are a few reasons why the Official Guide ain’t enough to clear the GMAT exam in one shot:
#1. Ideally, the Official Guide consists of a compilation of old GMAT questions pertaining to the basics of the GMAT exam. By referring such old concepts or questions, an applicant cannot be sure to compete well in GMAT and score high in the test or even clear the GMAT exam in the first attempt.
#2. The OG doesn’t contain detailed explanations to different questions. Although the questions in the Guide are designed brilliantly, the explanations are somewhat awkward and quirky. For instance, the Verbal section consists of very complex and clumsy answers for the incorrect options, this makes the entire explanation process to be very uncanny.
#3. It is unusual to note that the OG doesn’t have topic-wise segregation. For example, if you’re preparing for Linear Equations, you would want to practice similar questions. However, the OG comprises of a variety of questions which is a mix-bag of different topics.
#4. The number of questions in the GMAT Official Guide is limited. For instance, in the OG16, it has around 130 questions in the Critical Reasoning section. As a result of this, applicants do not have the flexibility to practice more questions and be comfortable to take the exam confidently.
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