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Preparation Tips to Score Better in Class 10 Social Science

Social Science is an important subject for the students of Class 10. Social Science Class 10 consists of History, Civics, Geography and Economics subjects. It is not as difficult as it appears for the students. You can easily score 90 + marks in Social Science if you prepare correctly for the subject. However, since Social Science is a theoretical subject, it is important for you to write good and precise answers.

While preparing for your exams of Social Science, you need to prepare a list of important topics and questions that are frequently asked in the Social Science examinations. Further, you must know that Social Science comprises of four subjects - History, Civics, Geography and Economic and carry a weightage of 20 marks each in the Social Science board paper of Class 10.

Social Studies is a subject that does not involve memorizing of formulas or theorems. Rather, subjects like History, Civics and Geography require you to remember definitions, important dates etc. Check the below technique to mastering the subject and make sure you write logical and scoring answers in exams.

1. For subjects like History, Civics and Geography, a lot can be achieved by getting the details right of the subjects. For these subjects, make a separate note of all dates, phrases, topic-specific terms and definitions. After preparing a chapter, memorize these important details.

2. When memorizing the descriptive answers like events in History, various procedures in Civics and natural processes in Geography, make a note of important terminology to score better.

3. Try to write lengthy answers in points. This way, you can avoid learning the entire paragraph, and you can recall the same easily while writing in the exam.

4. When writing the exam, try to adjust your time appropriately for Social Science subject. First, look at the question paper and decide the pattern of attempting the questions. You may choose to complete the shorter answers first and proceed with the longer ones, or you may start with the longer answers first.

5. Avoid writing the irrelevant things if you are not able to recall the exact answers. It is suggested to jot down all the relevant things first and then move to the things you remember partially.

6. Keep in mind to go through the entire paper after completing that and revise. At this revision time, write any missing dates, terms or facts, you want to add. This will help you make your answers more complete and accurate. Try to correct any grammatical errors made in haste while writing the paper.

7. Check if you can highlight any specific points in the answer sheet. Any special point, the underlined text gets the examiners attention quickly and can help you in scoring good marks in the exam. But be careful when judging what lines and words to highlight in the paper.

8. Start your preparation with NCERT textbook and solve all the questions of the NCERT book. You can refer to NCERT solutions for Class 10 to get the complete set of questions-answers of Social Science book in a well-organized manner. You will find all the answers in the NCERT Solutions in a concise, short and accurate format.

Important Tips for Preparing Social Science

     Subjects like Civics and Economics deal with contemporary issues, so understand the concepts carefully.
     Have clarity when it comes to the concepts of Geography and Economics because several questions are concept based.
     Map-based questions of 5 marks are asked, so practise marking on the map, the places which are famous for steel and iron ore fields, airports, oil refineries, etc.
     For History, know the correct sequence of every event and for that, note down events and dates in chronological order.
     An interesting and easy way to remember dates is to make a timeline of events, in which a sequence of related events arranged in chronological order.
     Learn important dates and events with the help of flowcharts and mind maps.
     Write and learn the answers to the subjects using bulleted points.
     Social Science is a subject in which written practice is required. Thus, practise writing as many answers as you can to boost your confidence.
     Also, practise solving sample paper, previous year question papers. This will make you familiar with the exam pattern of the question paper.

Tips While Attempting the Social Science Exam

     Read the question paper thoroughly.
     First, answer the questions which you know and are comfortable in answering.
     Answers should always be concise and a good introduction and conclusion should be also written
     For 5 marks questions, underline the main points in the paper.
     Spend 3-4 minutes on solving a 1-mark question, then 7 minutes on answering a 3-mark question and devote 10 minutes on a 5-mark question. After that, try to leave the last 10 minutes for revision.

We hope that these tips will help you in getting a high score in the Social Science Class 10 exam. These suggestions will guide you better when preparing for the exam. Apart from these, you will also have to learn time management skills for attempting the paper within the time frame.

Work on the speed and practice the questions from previous year question papers that will help you in knowing the marks distribution and also tracking your overall performance of the Class 10 board exam.

For more information or query related to the tips for scoring well in Social Science of Class 10, drop your comment in the comment section below.

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