GATE Mechanical Engineering: Category “A” Subjects and Weightage in a Detailed Manner

 GATE Mechanical Engineering: Category “A” Subjects and Weightage in a Detailed Manner

Have you been contemplating GATE CE Online Coaching? You may go for it since it can help you to learn various things in a detailed manner. Mechanical Engineering is regarded as one of the most popular engineering exams. If you are going to attempt this exam then you must be aware of subject-wise weightage indeed. Here, we are also supposed to mention the important topics as well as the list of amazing books for GATE ME preparation.

Mechanical Engineering is regarded as one of the most sought-after competitive papers when it comes to the GATE examination. Therefore, most students also go for GATE Mechanical Online Coaching so that they could have excellent results. Studies say that almost one Lakh students and more do attend this exam. You need to understand one thing in an ideal manner that any sort of changes would not be done in the exam pattern. It means if you get to learn about the exam pattern then you may find yourself at peace since there are no other major changes that would be done in that.

Here, it needs to mention that the questions paper would be following the existing pattern indeed. If you have been hunting for the subject-wise weightage as well as marks regarding GATE Mechanical Engineering, you are at the right place since we are going to mention all about it. Doing in-depth analysis would be helping you a lot in the context of figuring out the highly significant topics in Mechanical Engineering and do plan your exam preparation following that to get the best results.

Category “A” Subjects And Weightage –

Here, we are going with category “A” subjects. Here, we would also be mentioning the marks weightage too. Talking about Engineering Mathematics, you would be having 15 marks. The next on the list is General Aptitude and it carries 15 marks. Production Engineering also introduces 15 marks. The strength of materials and Theory Of Machine both carry 8 marks for each one.

       What About The Division Of Topics – And “Engineering Mathematics” carries a total number of 15 marks. Though weightage is not that much it is quite important to prepare indeed. Moreover, the questions would be coming from a variety of different topics coming under this subject. Here, it needs to mention that candidates are required to go ahead and emphasize different topics in the context of getting 15/15. You need to prepare these topics in a detailed manner such as Calculus, Probability, and Statics, Numerical Method, Linear Algebra, Complex Variable as well as Differential Equation. Here, it is needed to mention that most of the questions coming from this subject belong to formula-oriented.

   General Aptitude – General Aptitude is regarded as one of the simple and easy sections in GATE. Talking about the candidates, they can easily have 12 out of 15 marks preparing for the section. You also need to make sure that your performance needs to be everything.

       What About The Division Of Topics – Production Engineering is regarded as one of the significant subjects in GATE ME. And the best thing is that candidates are required to impart equal importance in the same things. The subject holds 15 marks weightage. Here, it needs to mention that the candidates would be needed to emphasize the following topics to get good marks. Metal Cutting, Metal Casting, and Machine Tool Operations would be carrying 2 marks for each question. And next on the list is all about Metal Forming, Joining Process, and Metrology and Inspection comes between 2 to 4 indeed. Preparing for these topics can truly bring excellent marks to you.

       Strength Of Materials Subject – The next on the list is all about the strength of the materials subject. Talking about the total weightage, it would be between 8 to 10 marks. Do you want to grab more marks then you need to emphasize different topics such as SFD and BMD, Bending Theory, Simple Stress, and Strain and Slope and Deflection holds the mark weightage of 2 for each question? Apart from it, you also need to prepare for Torsion Theory, Column, Principal Stresses, and Column.

       Theory Of Machine – This topic holds a weightage of 8-10 marks. If you want to get maximum marks in the subject, you need to put attention to these subjects such as Vibration, Flywheel and Governors, DOF, Gear, and Gear Train, Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration Analysis.

Conclusion –

So, what are you waiting for? You need to pay attention to this above-mentioned information to make sure that you can achieve excellent marks.

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