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8 Important Idioms and Phrases you never read before, SSC, IBPS and Other Bank Exams

As we know in competition exam vocals plays an important role but most of the candidates find difficulty in learning and memorising English words. We are providing you solution with English Vocab Builder and English Grammar Notes of KD Campus.

8 Important Idioms and Phrases you never read before:

Under fire:  If you come under fire from someone, he criticises you severely. The government has come under fire from trade unions for its pro-industrialist budget. The management is under fire for the new hire-and-tire policy it has adopted.

A flash in the pan: If a success is a flash in the pan, it is not likely to be repeated. It lasts only a short time. And it is not an indication of future achievements.  Arundhati Roy’s success as a novelist seems to be a flash in the pan. She wrote a Booker-winning novel, The Good of Small Things. But since then she has concentrated on social activism. Can we expect more novels from her? 

Fall flat: If something falls flat, it is unsuccessful. It completely fails to produce the effect intended or expected. Recently, a renowned psychologist wrote a novel. There was much media hype about it. But when it was published, it fell flat upon the readers. 

Flotsam and jetsam: What is flotsam? It refers to parts of a ship or its cargo found floating on the sea after the ship has been wrecked. What is jetsam? It also has a similar meaning. Idiomatically, flotsam and jetsam refer to people who have no homes or work and who wander about in a helpless way. Flotsam and jetsam refer to an untidy collection of unimportant or useless objects.

Fly in the face of: If an action or belief flies in the face of an accepted idea, it seems to oppose or contradict it. If a brilliant Bihari does not become an IAS, it flies in the face of what his society thinks. Similarly, if a mediocre Gujarati or Punjabi decides to pursue higher studies, it flies in the face of these business communities.

Fly in the ointment: What is an ointment? It is a smooth thick substance that helps wounds heal. Imagine what will happen if a fly falls into it? It's healing property may diminish. So idiomatically, if something is allied in the ointment, it spoils a situation or activity. The activity fails to be as successful as one had hoped. We had always relied on Mr Verma. His withdrawal at a crucial juncture became the fly in the ointment. 

Take time by the forelock: If you take time by the forelock, you do your work in time. Success cannot be had unless one learns how to take time by the forelock. In other words, punctuality is the key to success. 

Out of the frying-pan into the fire: Take the case of an insect which gets into a frying-pan unable to be bear the heat, it jumps out of it. But it jumps into the fire and loses its life. Frying-pan was bad, but fire proved worse. So idiomatically, if you jump out of the frying-pan into the fire, there is little hope of improvement in the situation. Chances are that the situation will turn from bad to worse.

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